Tarot card readings

This is a 3 card tarot card reading from the traditional tarot Rider Waite deck.

The 3 cards represent recent past, current and near future energies. 

I will then pull a card from the Animal Spirit deck by Kim Krans which has another overview of the energy you are dealing with at this moment.

Tarot card readings

  • Once you have purchased your reading I will then let you know what day you will receive it. It will be via email and I will attach an image of your cards too.

    Tarot is a lovely tool we can use in times of confusion. It simply acts as a guide and the cards represent the energies you are dealing with right now in this moment. Tarot is NOT a future predictor, we are always in control of our own destiny. 

    I am currently doing one reading a day in the order in which they are placed. If you have any questions please just drop me an email. :)

    Lots of love,

    Emma XxX

Email: info@hodalondon.com


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